Planning Ahead

Many families have regretted the hasty decisions they had to make at the passing of a loved on. With the burial space crisis in London everyone is effected, and only those who plan ahead can ensure a dignified and orderly funeral for any situation.

How do I make my funeral plan?

Creating your funeral plan is easy and following these steps will ensure you can make a quick and correct decision:
  1. Decide how many plots you require
  2. Fill out the interment form
  3. Send the form to us either by email or post and we will follow you up with payment options



Q: How many plots do I need?

The number of plots you require depends on how much preparation you would like to make. If you would like to ensure all family members over the next generation are buried in one location than you should purchase a batch of plots.

If you are purchasing just to ensure that some preparations are made for any situation, than one or two plots will suffice.


Q: How much does it cost?

Purchasing a plot in advanced normally costs more than the current price as you freeze your burial costs and protect yourself from the yearly inflation.

However at the Eternal Gardens our pre-purchase plots are the same price as our current burial prices, saving you from even further costs.

You can view our plot prices here.


Q: Can I pay in installments:

Yes. If paying the full price is difficult for you, you can opt for our 10 month installment packages or purchase a plot only and pay for the dig fee at the time of burial.


Q: I need help deciding:

Being able to speak to someone who can explain the process and options for you is often easier. Feel free to contact us either by telephone or email  and one of our representatives will be more than happy to help.