Planning Ahead


Every soul will taste death. Then to Us will you be returned. 
(Surah Al 'Ankabut 29:57) 

Preparing for death

We are encouraged to think about death and to prepare for the next life. Being aware and having a healthy respect for death allows us to be in a stronger frame of mind. The older we get; we should ask Allah SWT to forgive our sins and allow us to leave in a better state than when we entered this world.

Planning for important life events ahead of time is completely natural, and funeral arrangements are no different.

With an increasing lack of burial space, rising costs and limited focus on Islamic requirements, funeral planning has never been so important. We want to ensure that you and your loved ones are provided with a modest and dignified Islamic funeral, regardless of the situation.

We spend our lives attempting to practice Islam the best we can. Funeral planning helps us put measures in place to increase our chances of achieving best practice during the most crucial transition to Ākhirah (hereafter).

The Prophet S.A.W said: 
"The one who remembers death the most and is best in preparing for it. Those are the wisest.'" 
(Ibn Majah: 4259)


Planning ahead ensures your loved ones are buried according to the Sunnah. Whilst it may feel overwhelming, funeral planning is simple. At Eternal Gardens, you can make advanced funeral arrangements for yourself and loved ones, ensuring your and their wishes are fulfilled during this important transition back to our Lord. The main benefits include:  

  • Burial costs are covered and unaffected by yearly inflation

  • Family members won’t have to investigate options and make pressurised decisions at an already difficult time 

  • Arrangements are in place, so family members will have a clear framework to follow 

  • Pre-purchasing multiple plots allows family members to be buried together whilst saving significantly on burial costs 


Reviews from our Ummah

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah said:

"The Messenger of Allah said: 'Whoever relieves a Muslim of some worldly distress, Allah will relieve him of some of the distress of the Day of Resurrection.”  

Sunan Ibn Majah 225 

Our words, our stories, and our experiences can play a key part in easing the pain of others. Serving our Ummah is of utmost importance and the feedback we have received is what we aspire to deliver for all members of our community, Inshallah!


Burial Options

We will support you every step of the way, offering families choice as well as a variety of funeral options. Whether you’re looking for a traditional grave, a premium grave, or a family garden for their final resting place. We have options that are all carefully considered within the Islamic faith and will cater for your loved one’s final wishes. There are no hidden add-ons and all of our options include the plot, burial, service and grave plaque.

In line with Shariah law, all graves at Eternal Gardens are uniform, natural, simple and sunnah. All burial plots are in soft virgin ground and are raised to form a small mount which is covered with grass-seed matting. All graves are aligned in facing the direction of Mecca with beautifully simple plaques placed on top of graves. Whilst all adult graves are identical in sizing, we do have different plot types which are listed below. 


Burial Spacing Crisis

As part of our solutions to alleviate the burial space crisis affecting our community, we have invested several years of research into developing our Duo Graves Fatwa, the first duo-burial Islamic model (two separate and distinctive compartments within one plot of land) to be accepted by the Shariah board in London, Alhamdulillah!  

In compliance with Islamic Law, all Eternal Gardens graves are excavated sufficiently deep to accommodate the spacious burial of two people. This may be useful for families wishing for loved ones to be buried close together and for a charitable donation of a grave. 

Read here

Suitable for the burial of one or two people.

Our standard plot types are located in the middle grounds; a short walk from our pathways.


Suitable for the burial of one or two people.

Our premium plot types are the first row of plots located along our pathways, making it easily accessible for families to visit loved ones.


Suitable for a minimum of two plots.

Our family plots are located in a dedicated area, bordered by a low wall of shrubs, allowing peace and privacy for families.


At Eternal Gardens, our Instalment Plan is Shariah-compliant, ensuring that your family have first burial rights to the plot you have secured with zero added interest. Initial lease of burial rights is up to 50 years, and these can be increased by 10-year extensions. To find out more or to enquire, please email us at [email protected].



We all want to ensure our loved ones’ final rites are carried out according to Shariah. That’s why we consult with The Olive Foundation, which allows us to review all practices, processes and options with a highly qualified Ulama. Scholarly approved, allowing us to be Shariah-compliant ensuring best Islamic practice.


Later Life Plan

Planning your final days can be unsettling. But, putting off answering important questions, such as what your burial arrangements are and what costs are involved, can result in your grieving relatives and friends having to do it for you.

Our Later Life Plan aims to solve all your needs relating to end-of-life, InshAllah. Including burial plot reservation and a Last Will and Testament, this will allow you to leave a straightforward plan and instructions of how to handle your funeral & estate for family and friends to follow. Your plan will ensure that everything is carried out according to Shariah-law.

Burial Reservation
  • Burial Plot

  • Burial Service

  • Plaque

  • 50 Years Lease

Will / Testament
  • Estate Plan

  • Prevent Intestacy

  • Obligatory in Islam

  • Ensure Islamic Distribution

Later Life Plan

Peace of mind and assurance that your family won’t be burdened and that every effort will be made to ensure a dignified and Islamic funeral as well as Shariah-compliant distribution. 



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