About Eternal Gardens

Established in 2013, Eternal Gardens has grown to become the burial choice amongst our Muslim community of London. Ours is a dignified burial location with a team that has clear understanding of the Islamic requirements to ensure all the rights of your beloved are fulfilled.
We understand that organising the funeral of your loved one is not easy. Hence we strive to provide you and your loved ones the support and environment you need to spend those final moments doing what is most important.
Easily accessible from all across London, we feel privileged to offer our community:
affordable pricing | unused burial land | flexible opening times | weekend burials| 24/7 helpline | Sunnah burial options.
Our very experienced and friendly team is trained to serve families from different cultures, customs and practices. We believe attention to detail is key and strive to work closely with yourself and your funeral director to make sure your family feels respected, listened to and cared for.
We also offer our community the unique opportunity to purchase your plots in advance not only to avoid the inflation but also to make it easier for your loved ones at the most difficult time of their life.


At the Eternal Gardens we pleased to offer Sunnah compliant and flexible Burial options and pre-plan options. We endeavour to exceed your expectations through providing care, attention to detail, and tailoring our services to the needs and requirements of our Muslim community and to ensure our services align with Islamic burial requirements.

Recently bereaved

At the Eternal Gardens we understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. Whether you are looking to bury a loved one, or just need to talk through what happens next, we are here to listen and provide assistance in any way we can.
Our extensive burial options are designed to give you the flexibility you need to fulfil the burial rights of your loved one as well as what is most suitable and convenient for your family members. If you feel you can’t find what you are looking for please call us on
0800 211 8569
Planning ahead is for everyone, of all ages and more importantly for families to prepare together to avoid any uncertainty and leaving loved ones with a burden at the most difficult time of their life. While burial places are becoming scarce within London and prices rising annually, here at Eternal Gardens we offer you a unique opportunity to choose the final resting place ahead of time and avoid the ever increasing burial cost.
One key benefit to planning ahead is to ensure family members are allocated plots close to each other. Pre-purchasing is permitted in Islam, for further details on this visit our Islamic regulations section.

How we can help

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy; we understand that this is a difficult time for you. Whether you know you are ready to
find a final resting place, or just need to talk through what happens next, we are here to listen and aim to help you however we can.
Call us on 0800 211 8569, email us or visit us at the park.  

Latest updates

We understand the importance of education. Eternal Gardens works in collaboration with many organisations to provide our community with regular educational events and activities. Visit our event’s page for further information



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Alhamdulilah we are now providing complete funeral planning packages which include the following:

1) Funeral service
2) Burial Plot
3) Islamic Wills and Inheritance legal services
4) Other solicitor services such as power of attorney, estate planning etc.

Why is funeral planning important?
This year as with every year, the extortionate burial prices across London were once again inflated due to an increasing shortage of burial spaces.
With 80% of the population now cremating, finding new burial spaces is a major concern for Muslims specifically as we cannot accept cremation as a viable alternative.

Planning ahead is essential to ensure loved ones are buried according to the Sunnah and are provided with a dignified send off to the Aakhira.

Not preparing ahead is causing many families unnecessary burden, grief and regrets due to choosing undignified, poorly maintained burial options which often don't fulfill the basic Sunnah requirements and worse of all, at extortionate rates.

What should you be doing?
Dont wait until it is too late. Start discussing options to protect your family and agree what preparations your family would like to make.

For advice, guidance and professional support on what steps you can take contact our team on:

T: 0800 211 8549

E: info@eternalgardens.org.uk
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