Duo Graves Research Paper


Alhamdulillah, after several years of deep exploration we are pleased to deliver the completed Duo Graves research outcomes. As part of our solutions to alleviate the burial space crisis affecting our community we have contributed to more efficient usage of the current burial spaces within our grounds at Sidcup.

The conclusion of our Duo Graves Method research marks a major milestone in our development and growth towards our vision of providing comfort and confidence for the Muslim community within its end-of-life practices.

“The unique paper thoroughly investigated the Duo Graves Method through the lens of Islamic, legal and social considerations and was commissioned in a bid to alleviate the decade long pressures on private and council run burial grounds across the South of London, by allowing Eternal Gardens to extend burial spaces by almost double”. 

Muftī Amjad M Mohammed, Principal Jurisconsult to Eternal Gardens

Duo Graves Fatwa Extract

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