Funeral planning


Planning for important life events ahead of time is completely natural, and funeral arrangements are no different.

With an increasing lack of burial space, rising costs and limited focus on Islamic requirements, funeral planning has never been so important. We want to ensure that you and your loved ones are provided with a modest and dignified funeral, regardless of the situation.

We spend our lives attempting to practice Islam the best we can. Funeral planning helps us put measures in place to increase our chances of achieving best practice during the most crucial transition to Ākhirah (hereafter).


What is funeral planning?

Funeral planning is the process of making advanced funeral arrangements for you or your loved ones, ensuring everyone’s wishes are fulfilled during this important transition back to your Lord.


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Without planning ahead, you may feel:

People can sometimes feel overwhelmed when arranging a funeral for someone who hasn't pre planned especially if they have no idea of their loved ones preferences.

  • Confused and unaware of the process

  • Scared of letting family and loved ones down

  • Vulnerable to malpractice and biased influencers

  • Unable to change your decisions once you’ve made them


Benefits of planning ahead

There are many reasons to plan a funeral ahead of time, for example:

  • Comfort in knowing everyone’s wishes are understood and fulfilled

  • You have more time to consider the finer details

  • You can take the planning process one step at a time, depending on how you feel

  • You’ll be able to consider your options with plenty of time


Financial benefits

  • Family members are protected from financial burden and stress

  • You’ll avoid yearly inflation


Emotional benefits

  • Family members are not unnecessarily stressed by the funeral planning process

  • Loved ones are afforded more time by your side instead of having to rush around making arrangements

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